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Noted bath salts fan John McAfee arrested, charged with crypto fraud and tax evasion

McAfee getting his stretch on. Image: ADALBERTO ROQUE / getty By Jack Morse2020-10-05 23:38:20 UTC If there’s one thing that John McAfee loves, it’s bath salts. If there are two things? Well, that would be failing to disclose he was paid to promote initial coin offerings on Twitter.  So alleges the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which in a complaint released Monday charged the man most recently associated with promising

Reddit Gold pulls bitcoin payment option

Reddit Gold no longer accepts bitcoin.Image: David Ryder/Getty Images By Sasha Lekach2018-03-26 22:29:44 UTC Reddit Gold is done with bitcoin. The premium version of the online forum Reddit used to let you pay for an upgraded membership with the cryptocurrency, bitcoin. But in the past few days it looks like the ad-free version of the site isn’t as gung-ho on the digital coin as it once was. When I went

Say hello to Buttcoin and the community celebrating Bitcoin's fall

And the Cryptokitty you rode in on.Image: Madrolly/Getty Images By Jack Morse2018-02-06 01:14:30 UTC Bitcoin may be down, but oh man Buttcoin has never been better.  As cryptocurrency investors around the world bemoan the loss of their life savings, a contrarian community that prefers to see the humor in the recent correction has formed online under the banner of Buttcoin. And they’re loving every minute of this tailspin.   Like

Bitcoin's wild 2017 ride continues with a Christmas Day rebound after a record slide

Image: Shutterstock / Sashkin By Adam Rosenberg2017-12-25 18:58:54 UTC Slow your roll, bitcoin. The finicky cryptocurrency has skyrocketed in overall value throughout 2017, but its bumpy December continued in the run-up to Christmas. After posting an all-time high of $19,796 per bitcoin on Dec. 17, the price fell to $11,590 on Dec. 22, according to Coinbase data). It was the steepest decline of the year for bitcoin, losing more than