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Boomers getting mad at everyone saying 'OK Boomer' makes it even funnier

By Morgan Sung2019-11-04 21:50:40 UTC Boomers are doing what they do best: Shouting on the internet.  The youth — and by youth I mean anyone who understands how to rotate a pdf — are firing back at disgruntled Olds with an all-encompassing “OK, Boomer.” The phrase has become a rallying cry for all who’ve had to deal with some old fart complaining about how younger generations are entitled and lazy. 

People are declassifying their pets after Trump tweets photo of military dog

By Morgan Sung2019-10-28 23:57:36 UTC The president’s tweet about declassifying a picture of the dog who assisted in a mission that ended with ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s death is a meme now. 2019 continues to be unreal.  The dog, whose name remains classified, chased al-Baghdadi down a dead-end tunnel after concerns that al-Baghdadi was wearing a suicide vest. He indeed was and detonated the vest in the tunnel, killing

Trippy video breaks down how YouTube demonetizes LGBTQ creators for using words like 'gay'

By Morgan Sung2019-10-01 00:25:16 UTC [embedded content] It’s long been rumored that YouTube’s machine learning algorithm specifically demonetizes LGBTQ content — despite YouTube’s denials. But the allegations got a boost over the weekend when two creators published videos pointing out how they think YouTube goes about blocking LGBTQ content from making money. YouTube Analyzed fed more than 15,000 words used in titles to YouTube’s bots to figure out what the

Hurricane does not stop intrepid raccoon from raiding the bird feeder

By Andy Moser2019-09-09 19:58:02 UTC [embedded content] There’s a certain level of preparation that’s become standard with hurricanes. Making sure there’s enough food is typically close to the top of the list.  This raccoon apparently neglected its hurricane prep trip to Walmart when Hurricane Dorian came rolling through Longs, South Carolina last week. Trying to scrounge up some food, it clings to a bird feeder dangling from a tree as

'Tis the season for a delightfully interactive fall foliage map

Start planning those fall festivities, people. Image: Vaida Abdul/Getty Images By Nicole Gallucci2019-09-02 19:27:12 UTC For some people, the first day of fall arrives with the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte. For others, the new season doesn’t start until the official “first day of autumn” date that their Google search reveals has arrived.  I, however, feel it’s truly fall when the annual Foliage Predications Map is released. And

Keanu Reeves turns 55 and Twitter is so happy for him

Keanu Reeves smiling, as he does. Image: Roy Rochlin / Getty Images By Nicole Gallucci2019-09-02 17:18:14 UTC The internet’s number one crush of 2019, Keanu Reeves, is turning another year older, wiser, and hotter today and it’s time to celebrate. As Reeves turns 55 years old on this #ManCrushMonday (55? Breathtaking!) Twitter users are celebrating their good-haired, personal space-respecting, slow-mo strutting king by fondly looking back his career. If we’re

YouTube bans intentionally disturbing kids videos

This new rule follows years of criticism against the company. Many have found that clips on YouTube and YouTube Kids have been troubling, despite being targeted for children. Read more… More about Tech, Youtube, Mashable Video, Kids, and Culture Go to Source Author:Saavon Smalls Powered by WPeMatico

C-3PO's red eyes in the new 'Rise of Skywalker' footage have everyone guessing

By Andy Moser2019-08-26 20:40:38 UTC You probably didn’t recognize him because of the red eyes. Disney’s D23 footage released on Monday of the upcoming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker left us with more than a couple teasers: Star Destroyers. The voice of Emperor Palpatine. Dark Rey. An intense lightsaber battle. Dark. Rey. And if that weren’t enough, Twitter also caught a frame that showed a slight change in appearance

15 memes about student loans for when you're in debt and need to laugh it off

By Sage Anderson2019-07-29 21:01:44 UTC Congrats graduates! Your student loan debt might be forgiven if, and only if, you are left-handed, live in Iowa, apprentice under a wizard, and it’s the third cycle of the fifth blood moon.  So in the mean time, we might just have to fork over the cash every month. It can be hard to be slapped with an adult-sized bill when you still feel like